Czochralski crystal growing systems

They are characterized by:

  • Precision: Precisely manufactured drive units enable reproducible process control as well as the production of the best possible crystal qualities
  • Robustness: Chamber components are made of high-quality stainless steel with highly polished inner surfaces to meet the highest requirements for durability and contamination level
  • Safety: A high degree of automation and redundant safety systems allow the use in state-of-the-art production environments
  • Customization: Thanks to many years of development expertise and variable components, PVA Crystal Growing Systems is ideally positioned to find optimum solutions for customer-specific requirements
  • Support & Service: Spare parts service, adaptation & optimization of systems through direct contact with PVA TePla experts

What started by chance with the accidental dipping of a pen into molten tin is today the most important crystal growing process in microelectronics, which is the base for the rapid digital transformation of industry, science and society. The Czochralski process, named after Jan Czochralski and technically fully developed for industrial production, is currently used to produce silicon crystals up to 300 mm in diameter and a weight of 500 kg.  For this purpose, high-purity silicon is melted in a quartz crucible at approx. 1410 °C and the single-crystalline silicon ingot is pulled out of the melt by subsequent dipping of a seed crystal by means of controlled solidification.

The increasingly demanding requirements of modern microelectronics are characterized by ever higher integration density and permanent reduction of structure widths - while cost pressure remains the same. The resulting increase in productivity with a simultaneous increase in material quality must be achieved by specifically adjusting the type and distribution of crystal defects. These conditions must be precisely adjusted and controlled throughout the entire process, which places the highest demands on the puller, control and feedback control systems. Additional possibilities of influencing the convection flows in the melt, gas flows in the process chamber and temperature gradients at the solidification front and in the cooling crystal pose challenges for the system manufacturer.

PVA TePla operates its own development laboratory where, in close cooperation with research institutes, the latest topics for system and process development are worked on, applied and tested. Every newly developed system type is subjected to intensive testing here, as are all the associated accessories. This applies not only to the Czochralski technology development, but also to the entire product portfolio of PVA TePla.

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The Czochralski systems at a glance

  • Czochralski crystal growing system CGS1218

    The Czochralski crystal growing system CGS1218 is specially designed for the high demands of the semiconductor industry. It has a modular design and can be configured with either a cable or a crystal shaft. The unique shaft configuration enables highest precision and therefore absolute linearity and reproducibility of the pulling speed.

    The CGS1218 features a multi-compartment chamber that allows for charging changes with reproducibility of thermal conditions in the process. The system is designed for hotzones from 32" - 36" and can be operated with single or dual camera systems via interactive software solutions.

    Overview of the product data:

    Max. Ingot diameter: 12" - 18"
    Ingot length: 2,800 mm
    Charge capacity: 300 kg - 450 kg
    Hotzone: 32" - 36"
  • SC28 Czochralski system

    The SC28 Czochralski system was specially designed for the industrial production of silicon monocrystals from 200 - 300 mm (8 - 12"). It is flexibly configurable and thus enables, for example, a customer-specific swing-out of the vessel parts or the connection of various pump and filter solutions to the vacuum system.

    Its compact design and the resulting reduced footprint, as well as the cable head designed for maximum precision, meet the special requirements of industrial mass production. A customer-specific magnet connection is optionally available.

    Overview of the product data:

    Max. Ingot diameter: 8" - 12"
    Ingot length: Up to 3,600 mm
    Charge capacity: Up to 450 kg
    Hotzone: 28" / 32"
  • Czochralski crystal growing system SC 24

    The Czochralski crystal growing system SC 24 was specially developed for the industrial production of monocrystalline silicon crystals (ingots). The modular concept of the system allows a flexible adaptation to the customer's needs. The 24" heating unit (hotzone) is optimized for low energy consumption and designed for a charge of up to 160 kg of silicon (without feeding unit) and for crystals with up to 230 mm (9") diameter. Depending on diameter and loading, crystals with a length of up to 2.9 m can be pulled. The crystal pulling speed is max. 10 mm/min and the rotation speeds of crystal and crucible up to 35 rpm.

    With the help of a camera system for diameter measurement and two pyrometers for temperature measurement, automatic process control is possible by means of PLC (programmable logic controller) and PC. The user-friendly graphical interface for process control and monitoring is optimized for mass production.

    Overview of the product data:

    Max. Ingot diameter: Up to 230 mm
    Ingot length: Up to 2.900 mm
    Charge capacity: 160 kg (up to 220 kg)
    Hotzone: 24"
  • Czochralski crystal growing system CGS Lab

    The CGS-Lab is the smallest Czochralski crystal growing system in our portfolio and specially designed for institutes and laboratories. The 10 inch hotzone is designed for a charge of up to 5 kg silicon and ingots with a diameter of 100 mm and a length of 300 mm. With a height of 3.4 m when open, the height requirement for the installation site are rather low. The pulling and rotation speeds are adapted for the production of specified ingot sizes.

    With the aid of a camera system for diameter measurement and two pyrometers for temperature measurement, automatic process control is possible by means of a PLC (programmable logic controller) and PC. A system of vacuum pumps and dust filter (SiO) adapted to the needs of the plant is offered.

    Overview of the product data:

    Max. Ingot diameter: 4"
    Ingot length: Up to 300 mm
    Charge capacity: Up to 5 kg
    Hotzone: 10"

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