SAM Auto Line

The fully automated acoustic microscopes from the SAM Auto Line enable nondestructive detection of cavities, voids, bubbles, inclusions and delamination and are ideally suitable for wafer inspection, bond interface checking, MEMS inspection and inspection of different types of electronic packages. An automatic defect-review software package performs a fully automated evaluation of the defect types. The results can be issued as klarf files and VEGA MAP. A GEM/SECS or MES connection is also available.

According to the to be analyzed samples, different scanner configurations like 4x1, 4x2 or 4x4 are available. Additionally, transducers can be configured from 4 up to 8 channels.

The handling of the samples into the machine, can be individualized with Open Cassettes, SMIF Loader, FOUP Loader, JEDEC Trays or loading stations.

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SAM Autotray

This line was specially developed for the production control and inspection of electronic devices, boards, IGBTs, JEDEC Trays and other complex components. The systems conform to cleanroom class 10000. The primary application involves verifying defects such as gaps, bubbles, holes, inclusions, delaminated areas, cracks or thickness variations in soldered or Ag-sintered interfaces. Multiple layers can be inspected simultaneously.

SAM Autowafer

The SAM 300 Auto Wafer is product line specially developed for inline production control. It conforms to cleanroom class 100 or 1000 and was designed for the inspection of wafer interfaces, bonded wafers (MEMS) or hybrid bonding applications to detect cavities, inclusions, delamination or micro voids. Multiple transducer configuration enables maximum through put for wafer inspection.

SAM Large Field Scanning Systems

The SAM Large Field Line is developed for analyzing DCB’s or Power Modules. They can be inspected in a scanning range from 300µm x 300µm up to 1300mm x 1300mm. Up to 8 transducers enable high through-put-inspection. The systems include automated defect review software, GEM/SECS communication and MES communication.

Optional laser marking stations and sorting output ports are available.

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