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The SAM Line offers easy-to-use scanning acoustic microscopes for process control and quality assurance as well as for research applications. The individual models are derived from a component platform that complies with industry standards and incorporates cutting-edge production and manufacturing technologies. Thanks to their new high-frequency and transducer technology, our acoustic microscopes enable detailed acoustic analysis in the ultrasound range up to 400 MHz.

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The SAM Line systems are dedicated as non-destructive tool for quality and process control and enable detailed acoustic investigations through new rf and transducer technologies of up to 400 MHZ. A plain and powerful graphical interface ensures that performance and functionality are fully available for the final user.

A scanning range in X & Y direction can be individually customized. The following scanning range configurations are available:

  • From 250µm x 250µm to 320mm x 320mm
  • From 250µm x 250µm to 420mm x 420mm

Unique features like Through-Scan, Dynamic-Through-Scan or the “Twin” and “Quad” configuration of the scanner, enable high performance scanning imaging results.

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